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Steven Parkinson of S.Parkinson Auctioneers & Valuers,Burnley & Lancashire The Complete Dispersal, Auction service, Probate & Insurance Valuation and Consultancy Service. Appointments available 7 days including evenings

Probate Valuation

When preparing documents for the purpose of Probate it can be to your advantage to have a Probate valuation on file, even in a property with minimal effects. We can liaise with you solicitor and if necessary with the District HMRC taxation officer

This valuation is important in respect of any tax payable so accuracy is important  or unnecessary payments may be made

We can also help with the dispersal of the effects once you are ready

If you have any questions regarding this service or to make an appointment with one of our team who will visit you at your convenience, this includes evenings and weekends.

Insurance replacement valuation

Should you need to claim for loss or damage for your Antiques, Collectable's, Jewellery and other cherished items, we can prepare written valuations in accordance with insurance  company requirements.

We will provide your insurance company with all the relevant information needed to process  your claim with ease. We are also available to answer any questions the insurance company may have

Asset Division Valuation

There are times when unfortunately there is a need to divide assets either as part of a divorce, split in partnership or family effects . Both / all parties in question will need a fair split of assets. We will provide a written valuation  for all items in question that can be used by all parties to aid the distribution  of the assets

Inventory service

Whether you only have a few Antiques or a life’s collection an official inventory with valuations would help in cases of tax calculations or Insurance claim. This would also be of benefit to the executor when dealing with your estate

General Valuation

We all have items that were either bought or were given to us which we are not sure of the valuation. You may be deciding whether to sell them or keep them but don’t need a written valuation.

In this case please contact us and we will be happy to advise you of how we can help. Verbal valuations are the opinion of the valuer and will reflect the current auction prices. In most cases this is a free service. We can also help sell them for you